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Pretty much every girl will have grown up wishing they could be a princess. Pretty much every woman will go through their years wishing they could have a princess styled wedding. The bigger the better with these, and you have to try and add a touch of glamour. But having a princess styled wedding doesn’t necessarily mean the flashy things or the crazy location, it’s about whether you yourself feel like a princess. To do this, you need to make sure you’re always looking out for number one when planning a wedding. Make sure everything is to your liking, but also try to follow some of the tips below to make sure you truly do feel like a princess.
Focus On You

As we said before, you need to focus on you in order to truly feel like a princess on your wedding day. Usually, most people run around stressing and worrying that the whole day is going to be a disaster, don’t let this be you. Take your time in the last few weeks to make sure everything is perfect and that you’re happy. In the last week, go into pamper mode. Have your nails, your feet, your hair, have everything done so you feel as fresh as possible. The night before you need to head to a spa with all your bridesmaids for one final bout of relaxation and pampering before you head down the aisle. Amongst all the worrying, it’ll be the perfect way to relax and treat yourself. You’ll obviously be panicking on your day, but a few glasses of champagne should help to calm your nerves.

Go Big

Like we said, the day has to be a bit big and out there if you want to achieve a princess styled wedding. A perfect setting for a lovely wedding is a historic castle. They have so much character, and are usually in some really amazing settings. Plus, if you truly want to be a princess, you have to have a castle! Plus you’ll be able to have some stunning photos in front of the castle and in the grounds if the weather is nice. Then you need to think of how you’re getting there. Traditional princess style would see you heading there in a white horse and carriage, which is a beautiful idea but only for certain times of the year.

​A better idea would be a limo. They’re classy, and easy to sort of. Just check out the
Luxe wedding limo service for more information. Entering the venue in style however is key. Then you want to try to make the wedding reception as glamorous as possible. It is a time where the people who have come to celebrate your marriage can relax and have a good time. Make sure you hire a DJ to keep the party going all night. If money allows, try and make it an open bar for some of the night to really get the party started.

You’ll truly be able to achieve a princess wedding if you follow the tips above. But whatever you do, make sure you enjoy your big day.

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While your wedding ceremony is an important and special part of your wedding day (I mean, it is when you actually get married), it can be fun to go all out with your wedding reception and make it a really fun part of the day. A lot of the guests will look forward to it too, as well as you, as you’re now a married couple and can spend the time celebrating with all of the people that you love. Making it fun, and adding in some personal touches can be the recipe for a successful and enjoyable reception. But if you’re stuck for ideas, then here are a few things you can do to make your reception into the best party ever.
Hand Out Favors

The wedding favors can be the icing on the whole reception ‘cake,’ especially if they are something awesome. Making it a more useful favor, like a hot chocolate mix, small plant, or jar of local honey can be fun and unique ideas. It looks better than a small bottle of bubbles with your names one, right?

Keep Toasts Short

We all remember where the wedding toasts or speeches went on and on and on, don’t we? So don’t make that same mistake. People will want to get back on with eating, chatting, or dancing, so set a limit for the people who will be making the speeches.

Have a Fun First Dance

Having a slow and traditional first dance might be very ‘you’ and just what you want. But if the thought of dancing with all eyes on you freaks you out a bit, then there is nothing that says you can’t have a more fun first dance. You could start with a slow song and then half way through, arrange with your DJ to play something more upbeat. It can be a fun surprise for your guest, as well as a way to them get them all out on the dance floor.

Offer Alternatives

If all that there is to do at the wedding reception after the food is dancing or sitting on the side, then it can quickly become quite dull for many guests. So how about offering an alternative? Having something like a photo booth, like the ones from Booth Boy Photo Booth, for example, can be a fun way for guests to make the occasion. You could also offer something like a hot chocolate fountain or a caramel apple bar. Just something different to occupy your guests.

Plan a Surprise

From an acrobat, gymnasts, or a firework display, planning a surprise can be a really fun way to end of the reception. Your guests won’t expect it, and it will make it such a memorable wedding. Choose something that you enjoy and then watch as your guests enjoy in wonder.

Offer a Gift

​As well as a favor from the wedding meal, you could also offer things at the reception. If you want people to be up and dancing, then offering flip-flops for guests, especially for those in heels, can be a good idea. Even a ‘hangover’ kit including a bottle of water, paracetamol, energy drink, and a candy bar, could be a fun thing to hand out as guests leave. Small things like that can make an already fun night even better.
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Brooke had a beautiful destination wedding in Aruba. She looked gorgeous in a blush pink dress by Morilee. The bridesmaid dresses are from The Dress Matters. Everyone is pretty in pink! 
Photos courtesy of bride
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When it comes to alternative wedding ceremony ideas, the possibilities are quite literally endless. Yep, you can do absolutely anything when it comes to your wedding ceremony. Anything at all. Well, it’s your wedding, at the end of the day, isn’t it? That means you can have complete creative control over what happens with it and how you tie the knot with the love of your life.

If you know you’re going to want an alternative ceremony idea, but don’t quite know what you want this idea to entail, then make sure to read on to find a few example ideas.
Having the ceremony take place in Vegas
This might not be a new ceremony idea or concept. And yes, this might not seem that alternative at all, given how popular a ceremony choice it is. But, think about it. Really, really think about. Wouldn’t getting married in Las Vegas be that cliche, that it would naturally become alternative? Well, in any case jet setting halfway across the world to say your vows would be far more alternative than saying them in a church or other premise licensed for marriage in your local area, wouldn’t it? What’s more, nobody is going to forget a Vegas wedding in a hurry!
So, if getting married in Las Vegas is the alternative ceremony idea that has you most excited for your wedding day (not that you need to be excited for your wedding day), then make sure to learn more about doing so here. If you do decide to do so, then you may as well spend the honeymoon in Sin City too and kill two birds with one stone!
Wine ceremony
Yes, you read that correctly, there is such a thing as a wine wedding ceremony. What this ceremony idea entails is the bride and groom mixing two different types of wine, probably white and red, into a container that they then both take turns drinking out of of. This takes place during the speaking of the vows as it symbolises two becoming one, and will surely live long in the memory of those in attendance.
If you don’t want to stop drinking at all during your wedding day, not even through the ceremony, then this could be the perfect ceremony idea for you. Or, if you don’t fancy drinking during the ceremony, or even at all during the day, then you can replace the wine with water. It works just the same if the water you and your other half mix are coloured differently. Just make sure that whatever you colour your water with, if you decide to go down this route, is in fact drinkable.
Tree planting ceremony
If you and your other half are both nature lovers and hopeless romantics, then the tree planting ceremony could be the ceremony for you. What you and your other half would do during such a ceremony is, after you have said your vows, plant a tree before the eyes of those in attendance. Doing so would symbolise that your and your now husband’s or wife’s journey together is now a seed that is waiting to grow, and that you have many years left together to allow it to grow. You could then revisit the tree together after the ceremony to nurture it and see that it grows to be as big and as strong as can be.
Of course, choosing this ceremonial idea means you would have to have your ceremony outside, but is that really a bad thing?
There are an endless amount of alternative wedding ceremony ideas out there to choose from, the three above don’t even scratch the surface in that respect. But, whatever ceremonial idea you choose, just make sure you don’t blow your wedding budget on it! Remember, the wedding day is about more than just the ceremony, so you can’t spend every penny on it.

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We love the advice given on Style Me Pretty for planning your wedding budget. Here our their TOP THREE tips and tricks you NEED to consider when making sense of your wedding budget.


Before you plan (or purchase) ANYTHING, be sure to have a clear understanding of just WHO will be contributing to your event—the answer may surprise you! Many couples assume contributions will be coming from (traditionally) the bride's side only. However, due to the high price tag on weddings in recent years, it has become customary for both sides (as well as the couple) to pitch in to the overall pot.

Host a dinner party or arrange for cocktails and conversation with both sets of parents to nail down the who and what of your wedding funds. Also, be sure to check in with any special extended family or friends - grandma might want to gift you your wedding dress!



Once you have your magic number, it's time to make some decisions on what your money will be going towards. This is an area of wedding planning that looks different for everyone. There are no right or wrong answers or a cookie-cutter approach to prioritizing items in your wedding budget. Some couples consider EVERYTHING, from the engagement party right down to their honeymoon clothes, as part of the budget. Others assume they will be paying for all the major items (venue, photographer, catering and of course, the bar bill) and paying for all other expenses separately.

Some couples consider EVERYTHING, from the engagement party right down to their honeymoon clothes, as part of the budget. Others assume they will be paying for all the major items (venue, photographer, catering and of course, the bar bill) and paying for all other expenses separately.


I know we said three tips, but you can read the remaining tip here.  Happy wedding planning!

​Top photo by Anya Kernes Photography
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Image Credit: Pxhere
Prom is such an amazing rite of passage. You have studied so hard, made so many fabulous friends and this night is for celebrating everything you have achieved together. It may just be one night, but you will be reminiscing over everything that happens for years to come.
It is such an important night, that we wouldn’t want you to miss out of any of the traditions and little extras that will make you feel a million dollars and give you memories to treasure. This is your time, as they say, so make it count.

Your Dress

If there was ever a time to wear a ball gown, prom is it. All the gents will be in tuxedos so this is your time to show off your figure and let your beauty shine. There are all sorts of different styles of dress for prom so you should pick one that will suit your body shape. Consult with your friends too to see what they are planning to wear - you could even have a pre-prom party to choose your outfits. Wearing the same dress as someone else at prom is obviously going to be embarrassing but some boutique keep track of the dresses they sell to avoid you making this faux pas.

Your Hair & Make-up

What you do with your hair and makeup really comes down to your dress.A classy up-do is a must if your dress has detailing around the shoulders or back. This way you can show off your dress effortlessly. If in doubt, soft curls are always going to compliment you and frame your face perfectly. Simple make-up with a bit of colour to complement your gorgeous eyes is always going to work, but if you’re feeling brave, be a little bit more extravagant with a bold lip colour.

Your Car

Arriving at prom is like stepping out onto the Hollywood red carpet so a limo is a must. There are all sorts of different types of limo to choose from but a good place to start is here: http://www.bergenlimo.com/fleet/new-jersey-nj/. A black or white limo is always a safe bet as it definitely won’t clash with your dress, but if pink or champagne catch your eye, go ahead and have some fun!

Your Photographer

Your school will have most likely hired a couple of photographers to document the night, but having a few pictures at home with your family and friends is not an opportunity to be missed. Be creative with your pictures and do some goofy ones as well as the more serious ones. Mix up who is in each picture too for plenty of variation. And if you need some more hints there are plenty out there. If you can take a photographer with you to prom then you will be guaranteed some beautiful shots of your night right through to the end.

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If you want your wedding to be picture perfect and completely memorable, you have to go beyond the main details of the day. We’re not saying you should forget about choosing the right venue or finding that absolutely perfect elegant dress. Nor are we suggesting that you should just pick the first cake you find but it’s actually the little details that will ensure your wedding is a day that everyone will remember. You might be surprised to learn that some of the details we’re talking about won’t cost you more money but they will certainly add to the magic of a day like this.

Getting Married outside?

You can dress up the environment a little with an entrance doorway to your wedding ceremony. These are actually remarkably easy to set up and a beautiful vintage way to welcome people into one of the happiest days of your life. At the very least, it will be a stunning backdrop for sensational wedding day photographs.

Smile Like You Mean It
People should be happy on your wedding day, and the guests almost always will be but what about the staff. You want them to be enjoy themselves as well or at least look like they’re enjoying themselves. Particularly, staff members like the photographer who are going to be interacting with your guests. According to Vittore Buzzi, the key to fantastic wedding photographs is a photographer who’s actually happy to be there. So, when you do pick the one who’s going to snap up all the rare moments of wonder at your wedding, make sure they’re passionate and love their job.

Dress Up The Tables

The best wedding ceremonies make sure your guests feel like they are part of the occasion rather than just spectators on your special day. A brilliant way to do this is by adding something extra to the table decorations. A unique idea would be to write a poem or choose a poem that fits your story as a couple. Divide it into sections and leave a stanza or two on each table. That way, one member from each table can read out a piece of the poem, with a complete reading at the reception.

Design Your Own Invites

Of course, you can make sure your wedding is something rather unique before the ceremony even begins with delightful handmade invitations. A lot of people view making your own invitations as a way to save on the cost of the full event, but that’s not the only reason. It will also give your guests something a little different compared with the weddings they have attended before and make things more personal.

Grab The last Great DJ

Finally, if you have a DJ at your reception, make sure they are fantastic. The right or wrong songs can make or break a wedding, so this is certainly a crucial choice. Otherwise, be bold and let your guests choose the song at your wedding. It’s easy to do this these days with a speaker system they can connect their phones or mp3 players to.

We hope you have a wonderful day and use these little tips to ensure your wedding is a platinum occasion.

<![CDATA[5 Brilliant Bachelorette Party Ideas]]>Tue, 17 Oct 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://thedressmatters.com/blog/5-brilliant-bachelorette-party-ideas
When you are busy planning your dream wedding, you may think that the bachelorette party takes something of a backseat. But this will also be one of the most memorable occasions of your life, so you want to spend it doing something you love with the women closest to you. So, in this article, we will take a closer look at five very different ideas to provide you with some inspiration. Of course, it all depends on your budget and what your idea of fun is!

Go Glamping

If you love the outdoors but you want to upgrade your experience from camping, you could try a weekend glamping trip. This gives you the perfect opportunity to escape with your friends and family and enjoy your own private retreat. While you are there, you will probably want to play some fun bachelorette party games, enjoy some cocktails and try out some outdoor activities like hiking, cycling or canoeing.

Wine Tasting on a Vineyard

Wine tasting is a classic bachelorette party activity that you can make even better by escaping the usual bar environment and heading out to a real-life vineyard. You will usually get some top quality vino from source and you are bound to have a fun time even if you don’t know a great deal about wine! Finish the experience off with a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant to soak up some of the wine!

Enjoy a Relaxing Spa Day

Most people naturally associate the bachelorette party with a big rowdy occasion when anything can happen, but at the other end of the spectrum, you could have a nice, relaxing spa day. Choose your perfect treatments and enjoy the day that suits your desires perfectly. Finishing off the day with some cocktails and a gourmet meal will provide the ideal accompaniment. If you want to take this one stage further, you could go on a complete wellness retreat.

See a Show

There are all types of different show that you could enjoy, but if you are looking for something a little risque and rowdy, check out Hunks the Show! If you are looking for a little different, you could go to see a live comedian. Otherwise, you could take in a bit of culture at the theatre. Again, it is all about choosing the performance that suits the type of event you want to host.

Do Something Daring

Your bachelorette party could provide you with the ideal opportunity to try a thrill-seeking adventure that you have always wanted to go on. Just a few options include zip-lining, parasailing, skydiving or bungee jumping. Alternatively, you could go on a class like rock climbing or pole dancing.

These are just a few ideas that will turn your bachelorette party into an event that you will never forget. Ultimately, you either want to do something that you love or something that you would never usually get the opportunity to try out.   
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Photo via Pixabay
Newly engaged? Set on buying a new home and moving in before the wedding? Then prepare yourselves for a likely hyper-stressful engagement period that will delight you with visions for the future, at best, yet have you question your sanity, at worst.  

But first, congratulations on being members of that tiny minority of couples who can afford to buy a home, move in and organize a big party within a few brief months of each momentous event. While some people will call you rash and crazy, others will understand that you two are madly in love and simply want the perfect start to your new lives as a wedded couple.

Read on for some tips to buying a home as an engaged couple and, subsequently, pulling off a successful move:

On Timing

No crystal ball can reliably tell you when you’ll find the home of your dreams as you check out listings and attend open houses as an engaged couple. However, most experts peg the average search to last between 8-16 weeks. To stave off the sting of deep disappointment if you are stuck fruitlessly house-hunting throughout your engagement and beyond, accept the possibility that you might not find the right house before the wedding.

Still, with luck, the right initiative, and in a market favorable to buyers, your dream house may materialize within comfortable time of your wedding, and within budget. From the time of the first open house to signing off on the deal, to moving in, the whole process, on average, typically takes between 1 to 2 months.

Closing on the property will entail you complete your loan documents together and ready yourselves for the move. Do your best to not have your wedding date fall soon after your moving day, as you’ll find yourselves too mentally strained and drained for one of the biggest days of your lives – your wedding.

On Potentially Buying a Foreclosed Home  

Purchasing a foreclosed home, though usually a knock-your-socks-off bargain financially, has certain drawbacks you should know about:
  • Only one real estate agent handles the sale.
  • The lender must address a preapproval letter to the seller before any offer of yours is made.
  • There is a near-zero tolerance for negotiation.
  • The home is usually transferred over as-is, which means the buyer will have to foot the end bill for any repairs.
  • Conveniently for the buyer, most bank-owned residences are vacant, which means no obstacle for picking a moving day of choice.
  • Buyers typically attend a good many open houses and pitch a lot of offers before securing the house they covet.

The Moving Process

1. Agree on a Total Budget Ceiling

You and your future spouse should settle budget details on how much to fork over for the new house, moving services, new décor, furnishings, and indispensables such as a new home security system. Stick to your budget firmly to avoid going in the red, which would force you to downsize your wedding.

2. Split the Moving, Settling-In Tasks

Work seamlessly as a team and split your packing, moving and unpacking tasks between the both of you. Buy a household organizer to keep track of who-must-do-what as well as estimated times of completion for each item on the list. Constantly checking your progress against the household organizer will make for an efficient-as-can-be moving process.

A Final Thought

While there may be disappointments and stressful moments to overcome during this sensitive engagement period, your resolve to find and close on a home before the wedding party will pay off big time if and when everything comes together in time and within budget. Celebrate such moments with deep joy, especially at your own wedding party, and count yourselves blessed and lucky to begin your lives as a married couple with a joint home to call your own. May your venture end successfully.